A desire to save nature

We have always regarded Nature as our Mother. But still we have thoughtlessly used the natural resources over the years, and destroyed a huge part of them leading to various disturbances in the nature, which in turn have led to increasing natural calamities. The responsibility of restoring the nature or preventing further degradation caused to it cannot be put on the shoulders of a single person, it is the responsibility of every single individual. I am doing my part by trying to use environmental friendly things, following the “Four R’s” principle- reduce, reuse, recycle and recover, minimizing the use of water and electricity as much as possible, using public transportation or car pooling, and passing on the knowledge to others. As a healthy environment is as important as any other factor for the well being of the people, I hope everyone tries to take up their share of responsibility and in turn help to save the earth, and natural resources.

Get an insight of an Environmental Public Health Issue of great concern since years – “The Effect of Chemicals on the Environment” by following the given link to our website:

Effect of Chemicals on the Environment