Healthy Food, Key to Healthy Life

Although “Healthy Eating, Healthy Living” has been long known, no one seems to give a thought about it in real. It stays just as a good showpiece on the shelf. In the last few decades food has been treated as an entity, which has been produced artificially, adulterated, injected and sprayed with different chemicals for various reasons, which certainly has its positives and negatives. The eating habits overall have changed drastically over the past few decades. We all have moved towards a more sedentary lifestyle with more and more junk foods in our daily routine. Poor diet leads to one in five deaths around the world, as per the most extensive study done related to this subject. So we need to change the trends and make people more aware of what they eat and what will it lead to, and as well known “Prevention is better than cure”, the earlier we start eating healthy and balanced food, the healthier our lives will become.