Live, Let Live, Make Lives Better

The biggest problem in the society is for sure the habit of people to intervene in the lives of others. People tend to overlook their own faults and inabilities, while trying to guide and preach others regarding various things, which is the root of most of the troubles. I feel if everyone tries to be more keen on self improvement rather than trying to improve others it would bring a change in the whole society in real, decreasing the conflicts and grievances and making the world a better place to live. Serving others gives a sense of eternal bliss and happiness which we oversee in competing with each other and fulfilling our selfish mottos. Taking others along or collaborating never hinders the growth of an individual instead its a path for the success of an organization. If we all try to help each other and work in a collaborated way towards a common goal, we can accomplish arduous tasks with little efforts and make lives better.