Every individual needs the drive to upgrade oneself, achieve better opportunities and motivation to do further better. I believe, for this one needs to have such goals and aspirations which make them go. For me, my long-term goal makes me strive to work through all the hindrances and move ahead with more determination and enthusiasm to do better.

Short-Term Goals

To acquire a Student Public Health Inspector Practicum Position, where I can apply the strong information investigation abilities, inspection software knowledge, and provide written reports to gain the highest level of skills and acquaintance in the field of public health. 

Mid-Term Goals

I aspire to attain a degree in Master’s of Public Health from McMaster University, acquire the position of Senior Program Specialist- Health Promotion and be a part of an organization where I can contribute to the maximum, in the drive to build healthy environments and prevent diseases to advance and secure the health of everyone through education, consultation, authority, organization, and development in public health.

Long-Term Goals

To become Director of Public Health in my organization and make a remarkable contribution to the betterment of society and being creative and innovative in my approach towards my work as well as my life.

Plans for Continuing Professional Education 

As a part of the team of public health professionals, I would like to keep upgrading with the current developments and enhance my educational qualifications by taking up courses such as Population Health Data Analysis, Health Research Methodology, Masters of Public Health and MBA in Health Services Management. 

Public Health is a challenging and fast-paced field and practitioners recognize the need to keep pace with ever-changing demands and needs of the public. As an integral part of the Public Health team, it is just as important that we also continue to grow and move forward to keep pace with the dynamic world we live in.

The CPC Program includes elements such as a code of ethics, standards of practice, discipline-specific competencies, and a professional development model. 

The Continuing Professional Competencies Program is important to the profession for many reasons including:

  • Provides protection for CPHI(C) holders against challenges to personal competence.
  • Offers a quality assessment tool for employers to assess staff competencies and help focus on professional development.
  • Supports Environmental Public Health Professionals in gaining and maintaining the skills, knowledge, and abilities (competencies) essential to their role.
  • Aligns with the CPHI(C) certification proves and will thus enhance the recognized status of EPHPs as specialized professionals.
  • Contributes positively to workforce development in Canada by improving consistency in language, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and enhancing mobility across practice settings and provincial/territorial jurisdictions. 

I will collect my professional development hours (PDHs) per year once employed, through professional practice and a combination of activities such as, taking up special courses and workshops, attending conferences, giving presentations, and involving in research activities.