Career Snapshot

I have always been interested in grabbing the opportunities that come my way and give my best to contribute to the growth of the organization. I have tried my skills as a Student Public Health Inspector, Teacher, Research Assistant and Technical Sales Specialist. I have also done volunteer work for the betterment of society and help people in need. I believe in teamwork, helping others grow, and that uplifting others never hinders one’s personal growth.


Student Public Health Inspector| Brant County Health Unit, Brantford, Ontario, Canada      June-August 2018

  • Conducted inspections for low, and medium risk premises specifically in food safety, water quality, bunkhouses, rabies and infection control programs
  • Monitored small drinking water systems and investigated water quality by collecting, processing and submitting water samples to the accredited laboratory as well as providing helpful information and instruction to the owners regarding adverse water results
  • Processed and submitted ticks to the accredited lab for identification and reported results to concerned individual
  • Conducted the food handler’s training course
  • Delivered a food safety presentation to certified food handlers and members of the public at the International Villages Festival in Brantford
  • Attended special events on evenings and weekends alongside Brant County health inspectors


Teacher| Delhi Public School Tapi, Surat, Gujarat, India                                                                        2014-2016

  • Trained 6-8 different classes of 30 students each, for various language based activities and competitions resulting in winning 6 literary awards throughout the year in various inter-school competitions
  • Conducted bi-annual workshops on effective reading and writing skills for small groups of 7-10 students which showed 60-70% improvement in their reading and writing skills


Teacher | Vibrant International Academy, Surat, Gujarat, India                                                            2012-2014

  • Developed innovative methods of teaching English, Maths, and Science such as learning through class activities, card game and experimenting which increased students’ inclination towards the subjects thus obtaining better results
  • Led a committee of four teachers for the selection of books and creating lesson plans which helped to get better books for students and increased the teaching efficiency


Research Assistant | TIFAC, Surat, Gujarat, India                                                                                 2011-2012

  • Successfully corroborated the application of Microbial fuel cells in reducing heavy metals from sludge and wastewater besides the generation of Green Energy
  • Worked independently on the design and development of various types of Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Conducted a review of the literature and assembled background information for research


Technical sales specialist | AUM Gene, Surat, Gujarat, India                                                              2009-2010

  • Documented all communications and interactions with customers in the company database. Performed trend analysis on complaints using this data and decreased the complaint response time by 19%
  • Troubleshooting questions or issues such as product efficacy and cross-reactivity to departmental product specialists
  • Performed review of scientific literature and patent searches, novel applications for products, as needed



Volunteer, LEO Club of Surat, Gujarat, India                                                                                          2016

  • Organized a workshop on the awareness of communicable diseases, their spread, and prevention for the people living in slums


Volunteer, LEO Club of Surat, Gujarat, India                                                                                          2015

  • Raised funds for flood relief in Odisha, India in 2015


Volunteer, LEO Club of Surat, Gujarat, India                                                                                          2006

  • Participated in cleaning and restoration services in Gujarat 2006 floods